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Olga Savastyanova was born in a large family of employees Galina and Viktor Zheleznyakov on April 5, 1960 in Madmas Village, Ust-Vymsky District, the Komi Republic. Her mother came to the North from Yaroslavl as a Komsomol volunteer. Her younger sister Tatiana teaches history in her native village.

After high school Olga Savastyanova entered the Komi State Teachers Training Institute. She graduated from it with a degree in Teaching German and English.

In 1996 she finished the post graduate school of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation.

At the seventh grade she was elected a leader of the school Komsomol organization. At the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​Olga Savastyanova headed the faculty Komsomol organization from the second to the fifth year.

After its finishing until 1991 he worked in the Komi Republic Komsomol organizations. At the same time she studied at the Higher Komsomol School at the Central Committee of the Young Communist League which she graduated form with honors in 1988.


Public activity

Since the mid-90s Olga Savastyanova devoted herself to social activities. She supervised the Civil Parliament of the Republic of Komi and the Public Chamber of the Republic of Komi.

She headed Komi regional branch of the Women's Union of Russia. She initiated a creation of the Women's Chamber of the Republic of Komi and regional Women Management Center.

In 1998 in New-York at the special UNO session she opened the round table and made a report on new initiatives and projects of Russia women’s non-governmental organizations as a member of Russian delegation.  

Another Olga Savastyanova’s successful initiative was creation of the first in the republic non-governmental Public Chamber bringing together local organizations operating entirely on a voluntary basis.

Today Olga Savastyanova is the Deputy Chairman of the public organization The Women Union of Russia and a member of the Central Staff of the All-Russia People’s Front.

Due to her public activities new innovation technologies and projects were born. They are successfully used by Russian non-governmental organizations, among them there are social projects fairs, public hearings, social projects competitions, actions to prevent violence against women and children, actions on AIDS prevention, parents hearings, public reports on non-governmental organizations activities, public monitoring on urgent social problems, alternative reports On women’s status in the Republic of Komi and On children’s status in the Republic of Komi, mobile brigades on legal education.        .

From the Deputy to the Human Rights Commissioner

In 2003 Syktyvkar citizens elected Olga Savastyanova a Deputy of the State Council of the Republic. In 2007 by a unanimous decision she headed the Social Policy Committee of the Komi Parliament.

Under Olga Savastyanova’s chairmanship the Social Policy Committee deputies introduced expert advisory councils, public expertise of bills and public discussions on socially important bills. As a result more than 90% of bills were adopted taking into account the Komi public’s views.

In 2012 Olga Savastyanova was approved the Human Rights Commissioner in the Republic of Komi by the decision of the State Council.


All-Russia People's Front and the Presidential Team

In 2013 Olga Savastyanova was invited to Moscow for the post of Deputy Head of the Executive Committee of the All-Russia People's Front. At the first founding congress she was elected to the governing body of the APF - Central Headquarters.

In 2014 Olga Savastyanova became one of the main initiators of the Russian Education Forum. At the forum she joined the group of experts on the preparation proposals to the President of the Russian Federation on Quality Education in the Name of the Country.

In 2015 she was among the organizers of The Russia Health Care Forum. She was a moderator of the section Accessibility and Quality of Health Care, as well as co-moderator of the forum participants meeting with the President of the Russian Federation.

Within the All-Russia People’s Front team Olga Savastyanova contributed to:

an extension of maternity capital payments,

development of Early Care Concept which for the first time announced a public assistance to children with health problems beginning from their birthday,

development of The Family Policy Concept and Action Strategy for Seniors, Accessible Environment program. She made concrete and system offers concerning resettlement of dilapidated housing, small business support, public healthcare development, education and culture.

development of the public control mechanism over the implementation of the President of the Russian Federation Orders and Decrees. 


On September 19, 2016 she was elected a Deputy to the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

On October 5, 2016 she was elected the Chairman of the Committee On Regulations and the State Duma Management.


Awards and honors

The Republic Competition laureate The Woman of the Year

The Certificate of Honor of the Head of the Republic of Komi

The Certificate of Honor of the Russian Federation Trade and Industry Chamber

The Certificate of Honor of the State Council of the Republic of Komi

The Medal of Honor For Services to the Republic of Komi

The Certificate of Honor of the North-West Parliamentary Association

The Title of Honored Worker of the Republic of Komi


Contact information

103265, Moscow, Okhotny Ryad St., 1

E-mail cord@duma.gov.ru


Assistant in the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

Lyudmila Kozlova

103265, Moscow, Okhotny Ryad St., 1

Tel. +7 (495) 692-19-31

E-mail cord@duma.gov.ru


Assistant in the Republic of Komi

Vladimir Popovtsev



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